Waiter Pads

Restaurant Waiter Pads Printed by National Checking, Distributed by Pegasus Ventures Michigan

Restaurant WaitRpad® guest checks are lightweight with wider lines than similar medium paper checks Waiter Pads Waitrpads, National Checking Companyprinted by National Checking Company. Waiter pads are perfect and affordable in any environment where restaurant guest checks are handled once and entered into a POS system.

Handheld checks means WaitRpad® products easily fit in a servers hand or pocket. Menu prompts to encourage up-selling of full menu.

Features of WaitRpads distributed by Pegasus Ventures Michigan and National Checking Company:

  • Pivot Points ensure quick and easy food delivery to the correct diner
  • Wide lines ensure easy organization of order details
  • Menu prompts to encourage upselling of full menu
  • Handheld check easily fits in a server or host's hand or pocket
  • Multiple blank lines ensure enough space for all pertinent information

The WaitRpads sold by Pegasus Ventures Michigan and printed by National Checking Company offer a lower cost option for taking orders in your restaurant and all, as with all restaurant guest checks offered by Pegasus Ventures Michigan, the products found on this page are in stock and ready to ship the same or the next business day.

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