Toilet Seat Bands

Hotel, Motel and Hospital Toilet Seat Bands

  • FIT STANDARD TOILETS: The Pegasus Ventures brand toilet seat bands fit most standard size toilets. The band slips easily over many standard size toilet seats and stays in place.
  • PAPER CONSTRUCTION: Made from paper and disposable. The band is white, with stripes, and text reading "Sanitized for your protection."
  • PROMOTE HYGIENE AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION! Staff slip bands over the toilet seat after they are finished cleaning and sanitizing the rest room. Customers know they are staying in a hygienic environment.
  • HOTELS AND MOTELS: Perfect for hotels and motels. Customer satisfaction is key when it comes to the hospitality industry- ensure that your guests are happy and satisfied with their room and visit to your facility.
Buy stock toilet seat bands in cases of 5,000. Each case has 5 boxes with 1,000 toilet seat bands inside. Pegasus Ventures brand toilet seat bands 1.5” x 16.5” with 16” opening

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Toilet Seat Bands
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