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Small business tying in social media; amp up web presence

Posted by on 2/6/2016 to Web Presence

Small business tying in social media; amp up web presence

Owning a businesses for quite a while, Pegasus Ventures Michigan owner Robert Dewey shares his perspective, "Many clients never reach their potential for two reasons, they fail to seize opportunity as they fail to manage time thus robbing the small business of growth opportunities; and by this I mean adding real top line sales." People often get stuck in the tactics to move web presence, when what prevents people surfing the web from finding a small business tends to be the failure to utilize available tools.

Social media absolutely matters and too many small businesses blow off the huge social media value generates by failing to use social media or not using social media consistently consistently.

The opportunity? Competitors failing to utilize social media land your small business consistently generating content on social media platforms. Amp up your presence and leave the competitors in your dust. 

Tying in social media means creating new content on the web making your company an authoritative website capturing increasing numbers of  the casual surfer, the surfer specially looking to learn more about the products and services offered by your small business, and the potential customer looking to buy. The wider the a small business owner spreads the content net across the web the more traffic the website and other online platforms captures. More visitors equals more potential sales. 

Social media; economize staff time, educate the webmaster, drive stronger content

Some of the local small business owners Pegasus Ventures Michigan serves see social media as a scary beast sure to waste time. In truth, time management and simple coordination of the the website with social media saves time.

Imagine a key employee or two with a smart phone tasked to immediately answer questions coming in from Facebook or Google Plus. Customer questions get answered promptly and Impressive responses equals development of good will while also increasing the chance of earning  business.  

Giving "manager" access to your Facebook and Google accounts helps your web designer see the conversation with customers on social media giving the web development team the opportunity to learn what your customers want to know from your business allowing the evolution of web development to more closely match customer interests. Over time tailoring the website to customer inquiries slows down both incoming calls as well as inquiries from social media as customers get the information they need from the website. 

The top to remember? Google wants to deliver the internet surfer to the best content matching their search. Social media used well both helps potential customers get information they seek.

Social media; create the habit

Pegasus Ventures Michigan often finds customers lack time management as part of their business. This reality spills across many parts of the business. So change it starting with social media and see what happens!

Put a list on the wall. On Monday take a couple pictures and post them to social media. On Tuesday post something on Google Plus and Facebook. Perhaps the first day of the month use the pictures taken to create a quick slideshow for YouTube.

Break tasks down to small pieces and build habits by placing  reminders around you making forgetfulness far more difficult. Small component pieces accomplished regularly make the big goal real. 

Create new space and dominate

Dominating and commanding the web to making a mark for your small business works. 

It begins making yourself the "go to" site. In a recent conversation with a client Pegasus Ventures Michigan owner Robert Dewey responded with surprise when the client asked about linking out to authoritative websites remarking, "So I get one finds value in linking out to what some call "authoritative" websites. I believe the win  means seeking to become the authoritative local website." Build content, and as mentioned above, a steady stream of content development by its nature attracts more visitors.

Search engines often deliver web surfers to an inside page more relevant to the search query than the home page, itself. The local web developer helps clients add valuable content to the internet for their local business; necessarily helps bringing more attention for the small business.

Tying together social media and your website

Tie it all together. Think about it this way; post an image with a caption on Google Plus, re-post the same on Facebook. Later use the image and create simple slideshow videos on YouTube with a brief description. Over time more the subject matter content grows with a growing volume of content pointing to the small business.  In time competitors get pushed down competitors in search results giving the active small business greater visibility on the internet.