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Search Engine Optimization

Posted by on 1/8/2016 to Web Presence

In the website design and development business one almost fears using the term, "Search Engine Optimization" or "SEO." Local website design and development companies like Grand Rapids based Pegasus Ventures Michigan get questions about SEO more than any other from prospective clients. For webmasters with long experience, the term conjures memories of business owners being wholly scammed by people making the entire industry look awful. 

Today only remnants of those days remain remain. Sadly, the terminologies persist. The process of designing and developing a website goes well beyond what most people think of when they ask about search engine optimization. Questions starting with, "What keywords..." tends to inform the web designer their prospect is nearly a decade behind the curve while also sharing the "old SEO bad guys" made something of a mark with the prospective client.

Reputable local website designers like Pegasus Ventures Michigan make a point of staying on top of current trends. Looking for the best question to ask a local website design and development team? Ask how they stay on top of changes. Pegasus Ventures Michigan stays on top of best practices in website design using a YouTube channel developed by Google calledGoogle Webmasters.  Google Webmasters educates webmasters helping make "search" better by spreading the word to the website design and development community. 

The bottom line is simple. Google wants to deliver the best, most relevant search results to a search query. Frankly keyword manipulation, links farms and other efforts to manipulate Google result in poorer visibility on the internet. Google and the other search engines use proprietary confidential algorithms using a hundreds of markers.  In delivering the best search experience the search engines ends defeating those making false promises of fast results to prospective clients. Sadly by the time a client learns lots of time passed costing the small business owner sales.

Like anything else in business the higher standards earns the higher rewards.