Restaurant Guest Checks Buying Guide

Restaurant Guest Checks Style Guide

Pegasus Ventures specializes in providing innovative products and services to restaurants and small businesses of all kinds. We pride ourselves on helping your business thrive by enhancing customer satisfaction, improving profitability and providing relevant solutions to everyday foodservice problems.

There are many different styles of National Checking brand restaurant guest checks available from Pegasus Ventures. From carbonless, sequential numbering, order boxes, server position, menu prompts, number of lines and more – it may be tricky to pick a style that best suits your operation.

The Guest Check style guide below helps clarify any questions and details the different options you have when choosing a Guest Check for your restaurant.

Single & Duplicate Part Checks

Single part checks are checks with only one part – writing is not duplicated onto multiple sheets.

Paper: Made with durable, light-weight paper

Board: Made with durable, heavier-stock paper

Multiple part checks are checks with two or three parts – writing is duplicated onto multiple sheets with carbon insert, carbon backing or carbonless capsule coating.

Carbon: Carbon insert sheet is placed between copies

Carbon Backed: Back of the top copy is carbon-coated

Carbonless: Sheets are capsule-coated to produce multiple copies – no carbon used for duplication

Check Style Basics

Regardless of size and number of parts, all checks have common components and SKU-specific variable features:

1. Sequential Numbering

Key Benefit: Unique numbering helps servers and managers organize orders

2. Order Data Boxes

Key Benefit: Servers can record important table data for future reference

3. Menu Prompt

Key Benefit: Encourages servers to up-sell the entire menu

4. Horizontally Lined


Key Benefit: There is the perfect GuestCheck for any restaurant situation with checks having anywhere from 8-22 lines