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So this is not about yapping it up for fun. This blog is about getting great information about building your web presence for the least dollars. There will be plenty of free stuff to learn about as well as short videos on subjects relating to the web design I've been part of for now over a decade.

I'm a huge fan of small steps; so you won't get a mountain of information so much as you'll find easy steps on these pages. If I'm doing a tutorial it's going to be broken down into small pieces, if we're talking about something in the web business it's going to be short and sweet.

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Quick check to see if your website is mobile compliant

Checking Website Mobile Compliance

We've discussed the importance of websites being mobile ready in the Mobilgeddon article.

The next step is to determine if a website is, in fact, mobile ready. Don't have a smart phone, Ipad or tablet? No problem any computer will do. First open a new browser window. I like Firefox, but most browsers work pretty much the same.

Next take your mouse all the way to the upper right corner of the browser window. If you are watching along on the Youtube video, look for the yellow highlighted mouse pointer on the screen. Now look for the “x” and next to it the two square boxes overlapping one another, or whatever icon is used to change your particular browser's window size. Go ahead and click on the overlapping boxes.

The browser window should reform itself and allow the window size to be manipulated. Drag one side toward the other pulling the window to its most narrow without changing height. The website shown here is not mobile compliant. If it were mobile compliant the website would reform itself in the browser window to fit the narrowing browser window. At the bottom of the screen there should be little, if any, ability to slide back and forth. All content should be visible by moving the vertical bar up and down.

The difference is learned by checking a website like the Pegasus Ventures Michigan website found at www.guestchecks.us. As can be seen in the video the website forms itself as the window narrows and the content is fully visible by moving the vertical bar up and down with little or no left to right slide. The Pegasus Ventures Michigan website works on every mobile platform and this is something Google rewards as one marker for determining where a website appears in search results. Make your web presence its best by being ready for whatever platform visitors use to find your business.

Looking for more help with your website? Pegasus Ventures Michigan is ready to help, feel free to call (616) 425-9321.