Permanant Labels

Permanent food rotation labels featuring a strong permanent adhesive.

Permanent food rotation labels from Pegasus Ventures Michigan and National Checking Company's DateIt brand are perfect for disposable surfaces like plastic wrap and aluminum foil as well as disposable containers. DateIt brand permanent food rotation labels for restaurants, institutional food preparers and commercial kitchens are our most cost effective food rotation label and have a strong label adhesive designed for permanent affixing.

A simple food rotation label system using permanent labels can help save time, money and significantly reduce the amount of food waste from spoilage for any restaurant, commercial kitchen or institutional food preparer while ensuring staff  can easily employ the "first in, first out" standard we all follow.

Ensuring food freshness is an integral part to any food safety plan, and the most inexpensive and efficient way to ensure the freshness and safety of food is a simple food safety labeling system. Here are top four reasons to start using permanent food rotation labels.

  1. Save time and money- One of the greatest features of food rotation labels are the ease of use for staff that saves the restaurant, institutional food preparer or commercial kitchen time and money. Instead of having a food rotation system centralized around a marker and masking tape, standardizing food rotation with color coded pre-printed labels allows every person in the kitchen to quickly and easily identify the right food at the right time.

  2. Fresh look, fresh food- Along with “day of the week labels” that have each day printed on them, you can maintain better inventory management with “Use By” or “Use First” permanent labels that standardize an efficient first in, first out inventory control system.

  3. Clean confidence- Avoid cross contamination by taking advantage of permanent food rotation giving staff the peace of mind knowing of what each container contains.

  4. Ensure success- Food safety labels offer the ability to vastly improve inventory organization in any establishment at a relatively inexpensive cost. Food rotation labels ensure your restaurant, commercial kitchen or institutional food preparation operation is up to code and serving the freshest food possible.

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