Mobilegeddon- Should I Worry?

The simple answer is, no.

Hi, I'm Rob, the owner of Pegasus Ventures Michigan, a local web design company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'd love to see you run to my Grand Rapids area office ready to sign on to a great new mobile website for your small business; but the hype is misinforming small business owners.

Search engines use lots of signals in determining what gets displayed where and to whom. One signal is mobile compliance. Your digital presence isn't likely to crash into a pixelated wasteland if you are not mobile today. Your competitors may be in the same boat

Take a big step back from focusing on one signal of dozens. A better solution for the small business owner is asking if your web presence meets industry evolving best practices.

What do I mean when I talk about best practices?

  • Does your website contain microdata?

  • Are pages properly named?

  • Are pictures captioned and hyperlinks titled?

  • Are image files properly named?

As a local web designer I see the evolving standards as opportunity. When my customers are meeting current best practices they are earning more traffic to their websites and beating their competitors for eyeballs.

Yes, mobile matters yet building the strongest web presence really requires meeting all the current best practices consistently.