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I'm Rob, the owner of Pegasus Ventures Michigan and I hope you'll come along as I create this new platform for my website. I've got plenty to share with my customers and hope you'll find the content on this blog helpful.

So this is not about yapping it up for fun. This blog is about getting great information about building your web presence for the least dollars. There will be plenty of free stuff to learn about as well as short videos on subjects relating to the web design I've been part of for now over a decade.

I'm a huge fan of small steps; so you won't get a mountain of information so much as you'll find easy steps on these pages. If I'm doing a tutorial it's going to be broken down into small pieces, if we're talking about something in the web business it's going to be short and sweet.

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Landing page- visitors don't start on my home page?

Correct, and building higher visibility for websites means paying attention to each page because Google looks at each page in its quest to deliver the best, most relevant search results, to every query.

Website designers and developers, like local Grand Rapids company Pegasus Ventures Michigan, help clients gain visibility with one main idea for each page. One main idea packs a bigger punch to drive the attention for that webpage and, by extension, the entire website.  Best practices in website design and development for the small business owner means each service, or even each product where possible, gets its own page.

Many if not most search queries not specific to the company name result in visitors landing inside the website rather on the home page. Building pages with plenty of content helps Google direct visitors to specific pages in a website, especially when a customer searches for a product or service rather than by company name.

The more pages, when designed with one main idea per web page, fits in with with what Google tells website developers. Pages with one main idea tend to require webmasters and small business owners to really think more about content. A couple of sentences on one page ends up looking silly, right? How about that big list of everything a small business offers? One page for one product, service or idea forces the web design and developement team to put more information in front of site visitors on each page making it more likely Google delivers traffic to directly to a specific webpage, and by extension the website, itself.