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1 Part Board Style Guest Checks

Single One Part Board Restaurant Guest Checks

Single 1 part board guest checks from National Checking and Pegasus Ventures MichiganSingle one part board guest checks from National Checking and, now, the new Pegasus Ventures Michigan brand guest checks work great for our customers all across North America.

Pegasus Ventures Michigan also carries the Adams Restaurant Guest Checks, a company purchased by National Checking Company a few years back. We continue using the Adams Restaurant Guest Checks product numbers making identification easy for customers of the Adams brand.

Single copy cardboard guest checks from National Checking Company and Pegasus Ventures Michigan are heavier weight and more durable than similar single copy paper guest checks. The board restaurant guest checks feel something like an index card.

The single one part restaurant guest checks Pegasus Ventures sells work perfectly for environments where checks are handled multiple times by servers, cooks and other staff.

In stock and ready to ship

The single 1 part board style restaurant guest checks ordered from Pegasus Ventures Michigan ship the same day or the next business day for orders received after 2 pm Eastern Time.

Pegasus Ventures knows the importance our customers place on getting what they order promptly. As orders ship customers are able to look at their account on this website to get tracking information to know exactly when to expect their order to arrive. Pegasus Ventures also sends emails alerting customers when their order ships.

Every 1 part board style restaurant guest checks is in-stock and ready to ship today!


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