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Guest Checks/ Waiter Pads
No delay shipping, guest checks always in stock! National Guest Checks ordered received by noon Eastern time ship the same day, all others guest check orders ship the next business day.

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Order Cash Register/POS Receipt Rolls from Pegasus Ventures

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Order Cash Register and POS Ribbons from Pegasus Ventures

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Order Napkins and Napkin Bands from Pegasus Ventures!

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Order Food Rotation Labels For Your Restaurant from Pegasus Ventures

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Get Custom Cups Printed For You From Pegasus Ventures!

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Welcome to Pegasus Ventures

Pegasus Ventures offers great products and services for small business.national checking brand guest checks A small business serving small business all over North America and beyond.

Pegasus Ventures sells National Guest Checks brand guest checks for restaurants, napkin bands, food storage rotation labels, cash register receipt rolls and more.

Products found on this website are always in stock and ship almost immediately. No delays, no nonsense, the same great service your small business offers customers found online here at Pegasus Ventures.

Restaurant Guest Checks

National Checking Guest Checks LogoOrder from a selection of more than 100 different restaurant National Checking brand guest checks. National Checking brand guest check come in 1 part, 2 parts and 3 parts. Find low cost waiter pads as well as restaurant delivery forms and guest check presenters.

Pegasus Ventures always has every guest check in stock and they ship the next business day.

Custom Printed Restaurant Guest Checks

Pegasus Ventures prints custom guest checks for restaurants across the nation and beyond. Order as few as 5,000 guest checks custom printed for your restaurant specific needs. We can print a copy of a guest check you are using now, or develop custom guest checks for your restaurant to meet the unique needs of your restaurant.

Guest Checks for Restaurants

Food Storage Rotation Labels

Keep your restaurant up to day! Food Storage Rotation Labels for your restaurant's kitchen make it easier than ever for your staff to keep food properly dated! Choose from dissolving labels, permanent labels, and labels easy to remove. Easy to use labels make proper dating easier than ever! Click here to order food rotation labels for your restaurant's kitchen.

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Website Design

Pegasus Ventures, based in Grand Rapids Michigan provides web design and hosting services to small business. Learn more about the one price once a year deal that includes building, maintaining and updating your website for just $395.00 when you click on this link

Restaurant Napkin Bands

Pegasus Ventures brand Restaurant Napkin bands ready to ship or order restaurant napkin bands custom printed for your restaurant.

Pegasus Ventures brand napkin bands come with a food safe adhesive to wrap silverware for your restaurant or for your next event.

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Cash Register Rolls

Order cash register rolls for your POS for less from Pegasus Ventures! Need a custom print job, we're glad to quote your job! Click here for more information.

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